My earliest recollections of being able to draw, were at age 5-6. As was common in those days children in school were given paper and charcoal to play with. The school was having some extension work completed and so just outside the window were builders with JCB and dumper trucks.

Other children were doing the usual matchstick men and I apparently drew a complete rendition of the site in three dimensions. This caused a stir with the teachers as I remember them remarking on the work. It hung in the school refectory with my age and name just below for some years.

So with the above in mind everyone thought I would have a career in Art, however, pragmatism and a certain logic indicated that it was extremely precarious endeavour to pursue as a career. I studied Engineering and spent 4 years at College. It seemed to satisfy a deep desire to understand how things worked and has provided me with a reasonable living.

I diversified in the early nineties, went back to college and spent the next twenty years in Telecommunications and IT.

And the art? It has been my salvation and have turned to it at times when work was stressful. It’s the perfect antidote to the often difficult corporate world.

There are many good artists out there doing great work on portraiture, landscapes, etc, but my world seemed to change in the 1980`s when I purchased a book on Robert Bateman, a terrific wildlife artist based in Canada. I have since produced a lot of wildlife works – most of which have been sold through numerous galleries over the years. The remainder of the work on this site is mostly recent, which has some wildlife but other work also.

I have chosen to paint in oils, for the most part. A terrific medium which takes many years to truly master – and understand the various ways in which it can be used.

I have used the word “master” above. In truth, after painting for so long I can truly say that I have only just completed my apprenticeship.